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Saywell International

(Arun & Chichester) Youth Football League

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League Officers

Rule 3.


The Officers of the Competition shall be the President, Vice-Presidents, Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Treasurer, General Secretary, Assistant Secretary, Registration Secretaries, Breach of Rules Secretary, Mini-Soccer Co-ordinator, Referees Secretary, Fixtures Secretaries, Representative Teams Secretary, Cup & Competitions Secretary, Press Officer and Publications Officer to be elected annually at the Annual General Meeting together with any Life Vice-Presidents who may be elected from time to time at an Annual General Meeting.

Life Vice Presidents


Mrs Kathy Wilson

Mrs Vicky Tucker

Vice Presidents


Paul Beard

Bob Marchant

Peter Merritt

Jack Pearce

Peter Down

Brian Surridge



Dennis Leonard

Vice Chairman


Martin Tucker

Note: No weekend is automatically free unless agreed by the Fixture Secretary.


League Rule 11(B)

The Home Club shall notify the result of each match to the Fixtures Secretary by 1730 Hrs on the day of the match, or by 2130 Hrs for an evening game. The result can be advised by phone, text or email.  For the purposes of this rule the result to include any postponement caused through inclement weather. This Rule applies to all competitive matches in which a Club participates. Both Home and Away Clubs shall notify the result of all County FA Competition fixtures. Failure to comply shall incur a fine of £10.00.


Cup Rule 6

Both participating Clubs shall telephone the result of all cup matches to the Fixtures Secretary in accordance with Rule 11(B).

Life President


Peter Saywell