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(Arun & Chichester) Youth Football League

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Match Officials

Can you make the difference in Sussex? Youth games in your league are being played without an official referee. The Sussex County FA is offering you the opportunity to fill the gap.


We are running a Basic Referees’ Course in Bognor Regis and there are still some spaces left. It doesn’t matter if you are refereeing for a hobby or if you are simply helping out your team or your child’s team, the Sussex County FA still needs you. You would be making a difference by refereeing these games officially.


We are currently experiencing a wonderful time with plenty of opportunities for new Referees’ here at the Sussex County FA, all we need is you to make the difference.


Details of the course can be found on our website.


Once you get into refereeing it is difficult to stop, not least with the amazing opportunities that are available in Sussex but also the buzz and enjoyment you get from refereeing.


Not only is refereeing a good hobby but in youth football it is a good way of keeping fit and exercising. When refereeing you will receive a match fee which is an extra income.


We put on courses throughout the year and they can all be found on our website http://www.sussexfa.com/referees/becoming-a-referee 


If you require further information please phone 01903 768573.



Referee Course Application Form.