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Safeguarding Children

Child Welfare Officer:

1. Any act, statement, conduct or other matter, which harms a child or children, or poses or may pose a risk of harm to a child or children, shall constitute behaviour, which is improper and brings the game into disrepute.


2. In these Regulations the expression "Offence" shall mean any one or more of the offences contained in Schedule 1 to the Children and Young Persons Act 1933 and any other criminal offence which reasonably causes The Association to believe that the person accused of the offence poses or may pose a risk of harm to a child or children.


3. Upon receipt by The Association of:

3.1 notification that an individual has been charged with an Offence; or


3.2 notification that an individual is the subject of an investigation by the Police, Social Services or any other authority relating to an Offence; or


3.3 any other information which causes The Association reasonably to believe that a person poses or     may pose a risk of harm to a child or children then The Association shall have the power to order        that the  individual be suspended from all or any specific football activity for such period and on such terms and conditions as it thinks fit.


4. In reaching its determination as to whether an order under Regulation 3 should be made The Association shall give consideration, inter alia, to the following factors:


4.1 whether a child is or children are or may be at risk of harm;


4.2 whether the matters are of a serious nature;


4.3 whether an order is necessary or desirable to allow the conduct of any investigation by The Association or any other authority or body to proceed unimpeded.


5. The period of an order referred to in 3 above shall not be capable of lasting beyond the date upon which any charge under the Rules of The Association or any Offence is decided or brought to an end.


6. Where an order is imposed on an individual under regulation 3 above, The Association shall bring and conclude any proceedings under the Rules of The Association against the person relating to the matters as soon as reasonably practicable.


7. Where a person is convicted, or is made the subject of a caution in respect of an Offence, that shall constitute a breach of the Rules of The Association and The Association shall have the power to order the suspension of the person from all or any specific football activity for such a period (including indefinitely) and on such terms and conditions as it thinks fit.


8. For the purposes of these Regulations, The Association shall act through its Council or any committee or sub-committee thereof, including the Board.


9. Notification in writing of an order referred to above shall be given to the person concerned and/or any club with which he is associated as soon as reasonably practicable


10. The applicable standard of proof shall be the civil standard, of the balance of probability. The more serious the allegation taking into account the nature of the misconduct alleged and the context of the case the greater the burden of evidence required to find the matter proved. Save that for charges pursuant to The Football Association’s Safeguarding Children Policy, where the welfare and protection of children shall be paramount and the test shall be whether more likely than not.

SCFA Safeguarding Children Workshops

What are they?


The Safeguarding Children Workshop (formally known as the Child Protection and Best Practice Workshop) takes three hours to complete. The workshop content promotes a safer and more enjoyable environment for everyone in football. The course outlines poor practice as well as abuse and advises on the actions to take when a concern is raised. The Football Association recognises that every person with a role with children football has a responsibility to protect the participants in their care and these workshops address safeguarding issues in football. It will help individuals protect children as well as themselves.


What is covered?


Football’s commitment to safeguarding children

Examples of best practice, poor practice and abuse

Recognising the signs, indicators and forms of abuse and their impact on children

Identifying behaviour that would give you cause for concern

Explaining the action to take if you are worried about the welfare of a child


Who should attend?


All Club Welfare Officers, Youth League Welfare Officers, Coaches, Medics and Referees in football where under 18 year olds or vulnerable adults participate should attend this workshop. Individuals in FA Charter Standard Clubs or those completing coaching, medical and refereeing qualifications are required to attend.


The Football Association recommends that all applicants are 18 years or over. The workshop requires emotional maturity to deal with the content as well as some experience in a leadership role. However, referees may attend this workshop if they are over the age of 16 years.


Please be advised that it is mandatory for Welfare Officers to have completed The FA Safeguarding Children Workshop by the start of season 2009-2010.


How do I attend a workshop?


A list of workshops may be found on the SCFA Website www.sussexfa.com 




It is best practice for an individual to renew his/her learning regarding safeguarding every 3 years. If you attended the Safeguarding Children Workshop over 3 years ago, you should complete an FA re-certification pack. This is a leaflet and checklist which costs £10.00.

You can obtain the re-certification pack by telephoning 0115 969 4600.